Mathematician group gambling 3 years crazy win 15.6 billion

The saying goes, "10 bet nine lost, but surprisingly, Australia 19 genius mathematician actually composed of a file called" Ponte Club "IQ" gambling syndicates, use their expertise in mathematics, countries in the world of casino and gaming industry mad Adidas Jeremy Scott gambling! In just three years, called "10 bet nine wins" they actually win total more than 24 billion Australian dollars (about 15.6 billion yuan), they all suddenly become super rich! Until recently, when the 19 mathematicians in the casino on the success has attracted the attention of the Australian Taxation Office, and accusing them of tax evasion as much as $ 900 million, only to finally make this mysterious "IQ" gambling syndicates surfaced!
19 mathematicians to set up gambling syndicates
According to Australia's Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald "," Daily Telegraph Red Bottom Shoes For Sale "reported on July 8, this mysterious" IQ "gambling syndicates called" Ponte Club "by 19 Australian genius mathematics family composition, age between 47-50 years old. It is reported that the Australian media only disclose which part of the identity of the person, including a Hong Kong-based 49-year-old South Australian poker master David Si Taiji, as well as the three Australian professional gamblers in Tasmania, David the Waer Shi, George Mama Cass and Zell Geake Pull Christian Louboutin Slingbacks honk jack's.
It is learned that most people in the 19 mathematicians, many years ago when taking mathematics at the University of Tasmania, Australia has been recognized since became close "buddies". In 2004, 19 mathematicians actually composed of a "high IQ" gambling syndicates to use their professional knowledge of mathematics, gambling Adidas JS Panda Bear in the casino and gaming industry of the world crazy!
By the mathematical knowledge of calculus "every bet will win" Tips
19 mathematicians surprise is that, although they master advanced mathematical knowledge in real life, it seems of no much use, but they have a surprise in the casino show a great power! It is reported that 19 mathematicians participated in most of the gambling horse racing, dog racing, and 21 o'clock class. Before each bet, they will make use of specialized mathematical methods themselves proficient reasoning calculus to a variety of the probability of winning, in order to come up with some kind of "every bet will win" secrets!
It is reported that during the period from 2004 to 2006, 19 mathematicians each year betting $ 2 billion Australian dollars, in just three years, called "10 bet nine wins", they actually won a total of over 2.4 billion Australian dollars (about 15.6 billion yuan), so that they all suddenly turn into a super-rich! Envy the past few years, all members of the "IQ" gambling syndicates all live extremely luxurious life, they not only lived in the value of 10 million mansion, the mansion and even private Museum of Art, a private bowling alley!
$ 900 million tax Adidas Mickey evasion has been the secret investigation
However, the saying goes, "a big tree attracts the wind". Not long ago, the astounding success of 19 mathematicians of the Ponte Club in the casino as well as their luxurious life at last aroused the attention of the Australian Taxation Office, it is hftjh ljy 2012-7-9 and they launched a secret investigation. Investigators to suck down a cold lump of total 19 mathematicians won more than 2.4 billion Australian dollars, but they almost never pay for these huge windfall tax. Their tax evasion amount could be as high as $ 900 million!
The Australian Taxation Office pointed out that the Ponte Club gambling behavior with the professional nature, and therefore not gambling income tax exemption provisions of applicable Australian law. Court documents show that the Inland Revenue Department audit of the 14 members of the Ponte Club, the group has been tax evasion through a variety of complex techniques, attempting to make the authorities think they profit is not high. Christian Louboutin Pumps Sale In addition, 19 mathematicians intentional destruction of gambling records, or the use of computer encryption software, to allow the Judiciary difficult to prosecute them.
It is reported that at least three members of the Ponte Club - Australia Tasmania professional gamblers David Waer Shi, George Mama Cass and Zell Geake Pull honk jack's,, is being investigated and received a huge tax bill. 3 per capita, said they did not have any concealment of income, tax evasion behavior, but the Australian Taxation Office to the Court in this litigation, and they must repay the $ 900 million in tax. It is reported that if the Inland Revenue Department in favor of the first Australian tax "professional gambler" precedent.